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CreativeMED is one of 13 Capitalisation projects of the ETC (European Territorial Cooperation) MED Programme that focuses on innovation, and thus aims to contribute to on-going Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) processes. Smart specialization is a process at the end of which regional strategies should identify activities where an investment of resources is most likely to stimulate knowledge-driven, sustainable and inclusive development.

A key hypothesis of CreativeMED is that the MED space has specific needs and potentials as regards innovation, which emerge from a preliminary SWOT analysis and the identification of five key success factors specific to Mediterranean regions: innovation mixes, cultural anchoring, shared values, open networked people and new business models. The CreativeMED Toolkit will provide a methodology useful to help regions draft their development strategies based on assessment of opportunities, needs and available resources at local and regional level. The Toolkit methodology focuses in diagnosis (based on quantitative analysis), self-diagnosis (based on qualitative analysis) and policy mapping (alternatives, best practices and recommendations).

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