Victor-Emmanuel de Sa

Prior to his key role as Conversion Manager for SAGEM Morpho on the Malaysian AFIS, Victor-Emmanuel de SA was Foreign Relations Officer in the French Air Force at the HQ in Paris. He has also worked as Pre-Sales Engineer for SUN Microsystems at their HQ in Paris. Then he joined a Swiss based Security IT Company, as System Security Team Manager. His key role was to design and build new secured architectures relating to the Web for payment purpose and transactions over internet. Then he worked with K2na Systems in Melbourne as Security Systems Architect for the Open Secured Smart Cards Management System and the Medic@l Secure Storage® (e-health). After four years he was successively Senior Security Consultant, Senior Security Auditor and Security Unit Manager. Since, he has been working closely with the State of Geneva for security matters related to e-Gov. Belonging to the official e-Gov delegation for the Swiss confederation and international Security lecturer, this security expert, with almost all certifications relating to computer security, is part of the team which became Vice-World Champion in 2008 during the prestigious international hacking Contest: the Defcon "CTF" in Las Vegas. At 37 years old, he is now expert in protection of sensitive information systems with a background in governmental and financial institutions. Moreover, he is specialised in microchips and applied cryptography and he is the inventor of Quantum Dana®, used to secure e-transaction in e-Gov services (e-voting), and the White Zone concept. He is today, Partner and co-founder of Geneva Solutions SA of which he is the director of the Strategy.

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