Simon J. Tripp

Simon Tripp is Senior Director of the Battelle Memorial Institute’s Technology Partnership Practice (TPP). Battelle is the world’s largest non-profit science and technology R&D institute. At Battelle Simon is responsible for project team leadership in technology-based economic development, regional economic development strategies and economic analytics.

A key area of Simon’s work is the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of university and R&D institute core competencies and their connectivity to major issues, global grand challenges and market opportunities. While working across all scientific and engineering disciplines, his work has been particularly focused in evaluation and strategy development in biomedical sciences, agricultural biosciences, biotechnology and advanced energy. Recent projects completed have included major strategic assignments in the Middle East and Europe, together with multiple domestic assignments in the U.S. for individual states, regions and major research universities.

Simon is a frequent speaker on the role of science in modern economic development and the impacts of science, engineering and technology development on developed economies. Within the past year he has presented to the National Institutes of Health and representatives of the U.S. Congress on the value of biomedical research and the economic impact of the Human Genome Project. He is the author of two chapters of BIO’s book “The Value of Biotechnology”, detailing the importance and relevance of industrial biotechnology and agricultural biotechnology. He is the primary author of more than 200 major research reports in regional economics, economic development, impact assessment and market research.