Sergio Colella

Sergio Colella is the Vice President and General Manager of HP Enterprise Services EMEA South (France, Iberia & Italy).

Mr Colella joined HP in 2014 as Regional VP of Enterprise Services Italy. Six months later, he extended his responsibility to the entire South Region. In his actual role, he is leading a step transformation to align organization, processes and talents to the fast changing, solution-led enterprise services business.

Prior to joining HP, Mr Colella built up a wealth of experience within Accenture, where he was Managing Partner in charge of the Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure and Transportation practice for Europe & Latin America (EALA). He began his career in 1988 as management consultant at Accenture, where he has held a variety of leadership positions, achieving outstanding results in growing the business and successfully delivering a number of strategic acquisitions. Mr Colella has an extensive background in managing complex, large scale international IT transformation within leading companies in a number of industrial sectors in Europe.

Born in 1964 , Sergio Colella holds an Engineering Sciences degree from “Institut Supérieur d' Electronique de Paris” ( Isep ) as well as a Master in Engineering and Business Administration obtained from “Institut Supérieur des Affaires” (HEC Group). He is the CEO of ES SSC, the joint venture between HP and UniCredit/UBIS, dedicated to provide international HR services.

He is an active member of   various industrial association and other business related organizations.