Paolo Tripodi

Paolo Tripodi, born in 1963, is a founder and CSO of IsTECH.
In 2006 he founded S.P.In a scientific research company in the field of energy-environment-materials, and is in charge as R&D Director.
Working in the scientific and technological research since 1986, collaborating in many national experiments for INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), INFM (National Institute of Condensed Matter), ENEA (Government Agency), APAT (Environmental Protection Agency), University of Roma II, and international experiment for MITI (Japanese Ministry of Industry), SRI (Stanford Research Institute), IMRA MATERIAL (Toyota SPV), TANAKA K.K.
He is a European Commission Expert/Evaluator and Scientific and Technological Referee for many international scientific journals.
He was in charge as a member of the GTR4-Chemistry at Minister of Environment for the IPPC Panel.
In his career he developed seven patent applications related to the physical-chemical property of matter and technologies for environment.
In his career published more than 100 scientific papers.
He received his Technical degree in Nuclear Energy for the conduction and management of nuclear plant in 1982, then in 1985 received his Technical degree in Industrial Informatics and Electronics for system managing. He received his Physics Doctor Laureate degree from University of Rome II in 1993.
He is founder and VP of A.I.C.O. a no-profit NGO developing projects to help disadvantaged people, especially children.