Filomena Maggino

Professor of Social Statistics and Multivariate Statistical Analysis at the University of Florence (fullprofessorship).
Coordinator of the International II level master “QoLexity. Measuring, Monitoring and Analysis of
Quality of Life and its Complexity” (University of Florence).
Research interests: (i) data production (in particular, subjective data assessment), (ii) data analysis (in
particular, multivariate and dimensional analysis, scaling models and construction of composite and
synthetic indicators), and (iii) data presentation and dissemination (with particular reference to defining
a model aimed at assessing the quality of communication in statistics). Main field of application is
quality-of-life and wellbeing measurement and analysis.
Author of many publications on those topics.
President and co-founder of the Italian Association for Quality-of-Life Studies (AIQUAV).
Past-president of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS).
Component of the following committees:
· Scientific Committee for the Measurement of Wellbeing (Commissione scientifica per la misura del
benessere) established at Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT – BES project)
· Expert Group on Quality of life, established at Eurostat – European Commission.
· Expert Group on “European Research Area” Survey, established at the DG for Research and
Innovation – European Commission.
· Expert Group at Eurofound, reviewing the questionnaire for the European Quality of Life
· Global Project Research Network on Measuring the Progress (established at OECD.
Member of several international associations, many scientific journals’ editorial board, scientific
committees and session organizer/chair of numerous international conferences.
Editor-in-Chief of Social Indicators Research journal (Springer).
She cooperates with and is advisor of the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) with reference
to quality-of-life and wellbeing issues.

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