Edward Anderson

Edward Anderson is Innovations Officer of the ICT Sector Unit of the World Bank. He's been working in the application of exponentially growing technologies - such as mobile, social and geospatial - to critical development challenges.

Edward Anderson coordinates the World Bank’s ICT Knowledge platform’s programme to use digital engagement tools for building greater public transparency and civic participation, as well as more accountability around public services.  This includes engaging with technology communities in Tanzania and Kenya, where Africa’s open data movement has taken root.  Anderson’s original training is as an aerospace engineer.  He started his career with the UN Programme on Space Applications for Disaster Management and European Space Agency’s Earth Observation Science and Applications Directorate, where he focussed largely on remote sensing, mapping, risk modelling for climate change adaptation in water resources, coastal zones, epidemics and food security.  In 2004 Anderson launched a technology start-up for early warning systems in East Africa – focussed on a proof of concept for new diagnostic tools in malaria epidemic surveillance.  After supporting the 2006 Development Marketplace for Health Innovations, Anderson worked in disaster risk operations for the Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank, building new partnerships with technical communities including NASA, Google, Random Hacks of Kindness, and CrisisCommons.  Throughout his career, Anderson has sought to find ways to harness science and technology for development.