Anelia Ivanova Mitseva

Anelia Mitseva holds Master's Degree in Intelligent Multimedia in 2001 and PhD degree in Communication Technologies in 2009 from Aalborg University (Denmark). Assistant Professor in Wireless security and sensor networks group, CTIF, Aalborg University till end of April 2008. Since May 2008 Anelia Mitseva has been employed by Aalborg Municipality as a project manager for innovation pilot projects funded by the European Commission, performing management and research tasks. She has been leader of pilot operations in three CIP-ICT-PSP projects – ISISEMD, LIFE 2.0 and MYNeighbourhood, working on implementing, testing and evaluating technology in real life conditions by elderly. Her research interests are in the field of TeleHealth and TeleCare: use of technology in health and care applications; usability and user friendliness; privacy and ethical issues. Published a number of journal and conference articles and a book chapter. Currently part of the Innovation Task Force for Technology within the Elderly- and Handicap Care department of Aalborg Municipality. 

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