TUscany plusNome applicazione - Tuscany+

Amministrazione proponente - Regione Toscana -

Descrizione - Tuscany+ is the official augmented reality application of Tuscany.
Discover what's around you by simply looking through your iPhone and tapping your finger.
Click on the augmented reality icons in live view to get details about a specific location, landmark, restaurant or museum.
All points of interest are category color coded into dining, sightseeing, accommodation and entertainment, in both live view and in map view.
Enjoy your Tuscany.

Please note: this app only works when you are in Tuscany.

Tuscany+ is powered by Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Part of the Voglio Vivere Così communication campaign. Made in collaboration with H-art.

Tipologia di applicazione - Turismo, realtà aumentata

Link - vai al link

Partner - Fondazione Sistema Toscana

Disponibile per - Android


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