2010 e-Gov Report Italy

This Report provides a snapshot and an analysis of the state of progress of the application of e-Gov in Italy and at the level of the local communities. The aim of this “atlas” is to reconstruct and map the changes which are underway in order to gather, measure and make visible the results (that are at times scattered or insufficiently known) and the innovation processes accomplished by the whole of the public administration, especially the local administration.
Contributions to this Report, realized by the Department for Digitization of the Public Administration and Technological Innovation (DDI) and by DigitPA upon specific request by the Standing Committee for the Technological Innovation of Regions and Local Authorities, have been made by the Central Administrations, the Regions and representatives of the Provinces and Municipalities.

The e-Gov Plan clearly sets out the priorities to be pursued at the various levels of government and defines a set of digital innovation projects designed to modernize, make more transparent and more efficient the entire public administration (in both the North and South, in the central and peripheral areas of the Country), improving the quality of services delivered to citizens and businesses and cutting costs for the community.

The encouraging results obtained during these years suggest that the direction we are moving in is right. However, we don’t have a precise picture of the changes under way. And this is all the more negative if one considers that the Country – especially in this area – presents major inequalities which often go beyond the traditional classifications by macro-areas, by region and in general by geographic categories.
It is therefore necessary to take a magnifying glass, go down to the community level and analyze and classify the various experiences, local solutions and best practices. And this should not (or not only) be done because we want to offer models capable of being inclusive, but in order to take into account and give visibility to the many local experiences, sensitivities and innovative cultures that the Country is expressing in the North as in the South, at the centre as in the periphery.

At the heart of this “atlas” therefore there is the local dimension of e-Government: a snapshot of the solutions that the PA has achieved at the local level, in the local administrations, and in the decentralized offices of the central PA. This explains why, in this first Report, albeit being aware of the importance of the systems related to the great platforms for taxes, social security and business demographics, it was decided to focus on analyzing the other themes to which the e-Government plan attaches priority.

The method is based on taking pictures at the “local level” in order to understand what can be expected – immediately and by everyone – thanks to an accountable administration which, by going against the traditional idea of bureaucracy, puts itself actively at the service of citizens and businesses. An analysis is made of the components that make up the local level in order to learn from local success stories, understand how and where to get value for money, and focus commitment on all those actions that are capable of ensuring, from North to South, a convergent and unifying development.

Only in this way, and only thanks to the contribution of all the players who operate locally, is it possible to imagine a transparent, dynamic and credible administration that is worthy of a leading democracy, the ideal place for an exchange of ideas and innovative solutions, interpreter of the needs of a society that urges its governors to respond more effectively to the challenges posed by current changes.

The Report consists of two parts. By retracing the priority actions for developing e-Gov in Italy, the first part gives a snapshot of the changes under way, describing the renewal process that is involving the PA across the Country. The second part contains 21 fact sheets or progress reports of the Country’s 21 Regions showing the progress achieved in each thematic area.

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2010 e-Gov Report Italy

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